Thursday, 19 February 2009


Looky looky! I started a trend. It was like that week in high school where one of the sixth form girls started wearing pedal pushers and then everyone started wearing pedal pushers because they thought it was cool.

Except on the internet. And with slightly more adult content.

I guess you could say that teenagers in pedal pushers could be classed as adult content. Particularly if your first name is Roman. And your second name is Polanski.

Anyway. Two other members of IE have started their own blogs. 'Andy', the neglected husband, who's blog you can find here, and a lady known only as 'moneyforoldrope' (nice moniker), who, even at this early stage, sounds like a lot of fun. You can find her blog here. Well done guys! Keep it up.

Oh, BTW, I found yet another article about a mistress who uses IE today on Fabulous (The NOTW supplement...I actually read the orginal article while on the loo at someone's house). Karen is so forward, I really like her.

If you go to the left of the page and click on Fab forum, you can see all the bitter comments from the vicious NOTW readers. Not an ounce of perspective. Bless Karen, they've torn her to shreds - labelled her disgusting, fat and old. She's fought back though - the forum actually reads better than the article (it's pretty snide...something tells me someone didn't get a read-back). I've posted my thoughts.

*Sigh*. I think I drank too much coffee. This was only meant to be a quickie. ;)


Georgeous said...

I believe you'll find there are at least three new blogs as a result of yours ....

Georgeous said...

PS - I don't think it's possible to drink 'too much coffee', and I'm pretty sure that you don't do 'quickies' either

Anonymous said...

Please keep your blog going - you inspired me to start! It is good to have a little community of IE people here. We have a lot of similar experiences to share.

Serial Mistress said...

Thanks for your comments hun, and I'm really pleased someone is on my side! :)

Its been a trauma hearing what the 'world' think of me, its never easy being labelled as 'old and fat' but I can rest in the knowledge that I can diet (if I ever wanted to - and if it ever got in the way of me dating fabulous men) but the people commenting will never master the art of good grammar :)

You've started another blogger too, well done :) Your page is as fabulous as we are :)

Mr Randy said...

Thanks to IE I came across these bloggs - very interesting too!

Seeing a old friend, keep up the hard work !