Monday, 18 January 2010

Affair overload

Gosh darnit. I love having a lover, but I am strating to wonder whether I should take a break from James, if only to preserve my health.

After the snow meant our trysts were delayed, the last week has been spent doing major romantic catch-up (read : 2 hotels visits and a cheaky mid-morning fumble in my car this morning).

Hubby has now recovered from his mysterious illness and has since taken up a baffling interest in DIY. SO while he's banging about in the spare room trying to install some shelves, I can be downstairs on the 'net, Skyping pictures of my cleavage to James. Which is, of course exactly what Skype was intended for.

Nice to be back to normal again. Not that my routine is very routine!

And thanks for the sympathetic comments by the way - even though my situation probably shouldn't receive any sympathy. Naughty girl! Slap on the wrist! etc.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow is bad for my marriage

My garden looks like a postcard.

Inside, I am seething.

Hubby and I have been stuck in the house for the last three days and he is really starting to grate on me. You would have thought that a few days alone with the love of my life would be bliss. And I guess it would have been, if Hubby had not contracted a severe case of Man Flu.

The man has become Caesar-like, barking demands from his chair in the living room, from where he sits in his smelly bathrobe, watching reruns of ER. Every sentence is punctuated with a groan. He has a cold, and yet his appearnace suggests he is dying from some as-yet-unknown superbug.

This sketch from Man Stroke Woman seems to articulate my predicament pretty well...

Like a good wife, I have been running around, picking up his snotty tissues and pretending to sympathise with his hypochondria, but I have had enough. I am now upstairs, listening to Annie Lennox, and have told him to look after himself. After all, my bastard employers are insiting that I work from home.

Anyone else stuck? I hope not. Being housebound is a bugger.