Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Real wives

So I had an email the other day from Rosie, who does press and PR for IE. I told her a while back about the blog and it seems she's been following it for a while. Get this - they want to feature it on the site! Crazy..

I said yes. Apparently, it's a good insight into how the site works and what kind of people use it. I guess it's also a demonstration of the fact that not everyone who dates on line is a totally loser. We're not all heathens, we're not all uncaring and heartless.

And she thinks I'm funny! Horrah! I have been waiting years to hear someone tell me that. What pressure! What if all these people logging on to read this are expecting Milligan or Clease. And they get Street-Porter. All bad hair and smug guffaw.

A guffaw sounds like some kind of exotic bird. Even more exotic if it's smug, I guess.


Riff Dog said...

What do you mean, "we're not all heathens, we're not all uncaring and heartless." Speak for yourself!


A Married Guy said...

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