Thursday, 26 February 2009

Too old for this.

James is being, frankly, a bit of a cock.

I guess that when one is involved in an affair, it is pretty pathetic to start being needy about how often your lover, who is, by law, promised to another woman, contacts you. However, it has been over a week since I spoke to him and he has not been responding to my messages, leading to what seems to be a chronic bout of what I would call 'textpectation'.

What is wrong with the boy? Does he not reaslise that this kind of behavior inspires in me a reaction which could only be described as 'proper mental like'? Parts of my body that I didn't even know had pores are sweating.

God, I am so sexy right now. If you could only see me. You would want a piece.

Tips on how to cope, please? All advice welcome...
...unless you're going to tell me I'm a sad desperate loser. Probably best to leave that out.


Georgeous said...

men are arseholes
we vanish unexpectedly
ignore text messages and emails
don't answer the phone when we know it's you calling

men are, undeniably, arseholes.

Some men anyway.

Mind you, some women can also infuriate and frustrate, so maybe it's not a gender issue after all.

What can you do to cope?
Well, you could always find a substitute.
I know a guy who could be interested ...

MC said...

This is indeed the downside of illicit dating. Almost makes you miss the days of dating before texting and email and instant messaging, eh?

But as a woman who has been there, my advice is that if he hasn't responded to any kind of message for a week, and didn't mention beforehand that he was, say, going on a business trip or a family vacation that would keep him out of contact, I would consider that it might be over.

And I feel for you if this is the case.

In these situations, it's hard to be outraged (I mean, they're cheating bastards in the first place, as are we) but I know it's hard to not feel hurt.

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it! the feeling of expectation is one of the joys of adultery I think,don't you. After all, if the better half turned us on in the same way, we wouldn't be there would we? Go with the flow & enjoy the butterflies whenever a text arrives.
Or alternatley you have picked a feckless git, since it is the job of guys having affairs to make the lady feel special, sexy and desired, by what ever method is required. If your guy isn't doing this he's doing it wrong!

Enjoy !!

Serial Mistress said...

Men are indeed arseholes, but I've discovered that the longer they leave the contact the harder it is to make the contact. If he has been a prick then he's a bigger prick for not contacting you, the longer its left the bigger prick he turns into and assumes he's going to be screamed at or dumped so to avoid being a bigger prick in contact with you he becomes a bigger prick avoiding you, vicious cirle sadly. My god does that make sense? lol.

Anyway, take a tip from a girl who knows, find more than one to text, call and email, then if one falls by the wayside you have something else to occupy your time and you give less of a crap about the silence. Soon enough you don't even notice it and when he does finally contact you its a pleasant surprise (or you then don't reply for weeks and make him sweat!!) :)

Anything that makes you frown, worry or sweat should be replaced by something that makes you smile, tingle and sweat :)

Anonymous said...

(NB: by 'you' I'm not trying to be personal about you Shelly, I'm talking in general)

PEOPLE, not just men, are assholes I suppose, we all have our foibles and weaknesses. Did you expect more from James?

Surely in the absence of order and law, we would descend in to wild carnage the likes of which has been described by William Golding.

From observation, people always want to move on to the next best thing. How old is your mobile phone? Did you buy your flat screen telly because the old one broke? is your current mistress a true trophy?

Although at this point I'd like to say sorry that he's acting like a knob. Best of Luck.

The world according to Gaz said...

Firstly, new reader, first time commenter. Shelly relax, after being involved with a married man for so long you should know they can't always be there when you want them to be, just as you can't always be there when he wants you.

lancista said...

Sorry Shelly et al for the late arrival at the picnic - this is my first post here, and I know hopelessly out of date (and hence out of place). But I am, sadly, very sympathetic. I've just been dumped by my other woman who was also a serial text-ignorer - it didn't bode well in our case. And I so hated looking like the desperate, needy one (especially since I'm married and she's not).

I wouldn't have ignored texts. Promise!