Thursday, 19 March 2009


"Toto? I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..."

What a week. What a weekend. I spent half of last week being taken out by my husband (!), and half being taken out by James. I read last week that the most common excuse females give to cover up their affairs is "dinner with a friend". They are not half wrong.

I know a few of you were concerned after my last post that I was being too brazen about my activities, and Hubby was sure to find out. I took this advice on board and have since made sure that my alibis are 100% fool-proof. A close friend, Alison, has been kind enough to help me cover my tracks.

I timed my time-off with hers last week, so James could take me to Brighton for an overnight stop. Hubby thought I was at a health spa, and as I returned with a healthy glow, had no reason to question me - even though there was nothing remotely clean or healthy about our hotel rendezvous. I bought stockings and suspenders, and LBD from M&S which was actually rather pretty (I find the majority of M&S stuff leaves much to be desired). We took a brisk walk on the pier, then returned to our room to order an obscene amount of room service. I had a little '9 and a Half Weeks' moment with a pot of honey and some strawberries. Very messy, and not at all practical.

Hubby has been super-sweet to me of late. Perhaps he knows my affections lie elsewhere.

I have to be careful though. Hapiness like this often causes me to stop thinking rationally, and start walking around with my thoughts and feelings metaphorically tattooed on my arms and forehead. Control yourself Shelly. Stop looking so horifically smug.


Anonymous said...

You cannot drop your guard for an instant. The one time you do, you will be found out! I found that out to my cost. Of course, you may subconsciously want to be found out...

WooHoo said...

Hmmm, it's sounding too good to be true. Be careful.

Matt said...

sorry to barge into your comments like this - i'm a freelance writer researching a piece about online confession and would love to talk to you about your blog. could you drop me a note at if you're interested in talking?
many thanks,

Riff Dog said...

Yeah, there can be a tendency to get over-confident. But then after Coquette and Ally and a couple other bloggers' disasters, it can snap us right back into being careful!

heidi said...

hi there, just to say i'm still really keen to talk to you about your blog for an article i'm researching - you can of course be interviewed anonymously if you prefer. if you're interested in talking could you email me at or - THANKS - and apologies if previous comment was confusing, didn't have a google account so was borrowing my husband's...! heidi