Friday, 6 March 2009

Grammar police.

Shock shock, horror horror.

Seems that although my computer seems to have recovered from it's little bout of dyslexia (see Twitter, a few days ago), my hands have not. I have just (rather narcissistically) read my last post to find over 5 full-on typos. FIVE. Am both irritated and confused by my apparent lack of attention to detail. I was the girl at school you paid to complete your English homework.

Maybe that isn't something a grown woman should admit.

Anyway, sorry for being so anal, and spamming your inbox with another automated message, letting you know that Shelly has written an entry - only to find she is blogging about blogging. What a stiff.

On the subject of law and order, I post this tenuously-linked video of a rather mind-blowing performance of Michael Jackson's horror mini-movie in a Philippine prison. Genius.


georgekaplan said...

Oh my god Shelly 5 typos! what were you thinking? What were you typing with?

Of course it's important, its all that sets us apart form the barbarians at the gate. I can't even text without the proper grammar, it's the way it was drilled in to us, all those long gowns & swishing canes.

Georgeous said...

I also learnt to aspire to correct grammar George. Capital G for God, and B for Barbarians is the way I was taught.
However, the odd typo within a soul-searching or insightful blog post is hardly a hanging offence.
Within reasonable bounds I'll take content over style in this medium.

Serial Mistress said...

Oh Shelly, I love your posts, and I'm exactly the same :) I have deleted men who can't spell or use 'txt spk' in their profiles, and I correct emails and text messages! Maybe I'm just a frustrated English teacher!! :) I'm with the guys though, I'd take content over grammar anyday when it comes to this site. We write from the heart and, sometimes, from half way down a bottle lol :) Typos are allowed :)