Monday, 21 December 2009

I saw this and thought of,,,

...all the naughty Mrs and Misses who read my blog...

Big LOL. Okay, it's a re-post. I promise I'll write something big and important soon. Hope everyone's finished their shopping. I have. *Gloat*

Much love and seasons greetings!

Michelle x

p.s - In response to a dear Peter Axtell who commented on my last post - I'm afraid, with one husband and a rather large bit on the side, I really am incapable of accomdating any more gentlemen into my already too-busy schedule. However, come back in a year and I might be available.

p.p.s - And it's Michelle, not Leah. Thanks.


Sara Jones said...

Have a really naughty and extra-sexy Christmas and an exciting and rude New Year. I'll be watching your progress with controlled jealousy.

Hugs, Sara xx

Leah said...

Hey Michelle, you can point this Peter bloke in my direction. it might be me he's after honey!! xx

Have a lovely Christmas girl.

Love from Leah

Anonymous said...

Michelle, thanks for your blog. I'm a happily married woman in the US having an affair with a happily married man. I'm delighted to find that we're not the only ones keeping our marriages on an even keel by having an affair with each other. Your blog was the first infidelity blog I ran across, and it's been a revelation. Thanks.