Friday, 4 December 2009

I am in LOVE

With a woman.

Karen Marley, aka Serial Mistress and Downright Dirty Sinner, has done yet another fantastic interview, this time with Johnathan Vernon Smith on BBC 3 Counties. Fabulous. Her argument is very solid.

Have a listen. She's on about 2hr 5 mins in. Don't sit too near your radio though - the presenter does have a painfully condescending voice. Tempting to punch speaker and scream "Stupid stupid stupid".



XOXO Wifey said...

Oh god Shell baby I totally agree with you - I would have lost my temper at that self righteous, conceited, holier than thou bastard who interviewed the lovely and VERY patient Karen baby!!!

XOXO as always,


Serial Mistress said...

Awwww hunny, thanks so much for the massive compliment, and of course the feelings are mutual, I've been in love with you since you started your fab blog :)

And yes, it took some self restraint not to reach down the phone line and rip his hideous, condescending throat out, but I have learnt to breathe and smile while I'm doing an interview, and rise above it all, knowing I'm having a lovely time, and I'm completely happy with myself, and he's probably going home to a boring wife, and yet again won't be getting sex this week!!! Lol.

Who is the winner there? :)

But thanks for the compliment, gratefully received :) xxxx

Anonymous said...


Councillor Peter Axtell said...

Dear Leah,
I love your blogs. We are obviously soul mates. Check our interests. When next in London contact me and we could have a pleasant evening together. Look me up on my blog if you're interested. I would be flattered if you did and you might find our contact rewarding too.
Kisses and hugs from an admirer