Thursday, 27 August 2009

MSN nightmare

Something very, VERY bad nearly happened last night.

I stupidly (stupid stupid stupid) left MSN logged in on our home computer. Hubby and I have seperate log in bits but he logged into mine and started surfing the 'net.

15 minutes in, a chat box pops up with 'Hey, wanna chat?' in it. Hubby shouts into the kitchen to tell me I'm being spammed. I walk in, and when I notice the dialog box open I nearly have a heart attack.

I laugh, and ask him to tell me what the email address is. Thankfully, most IllicitEncounters members (regardless of whether they are 30 year old playboys or 50 year old sugar daddies) have ridiculous, porno-sounding email addresses. I tell Hub that randoms always add me on there, even though I only use it to talk to my cousin in Austria. He seems amused, and logs me out.

If he'd have bothered to open the MSN window he would have seen the hundreds of ridiculous male email addresses listed in my address book. He didn't, but that's not le point. I don't really want to experience a closer shave than that...might just get cut.

Have made pact with self that I will not use MSN from home, and will only log in to IE from work (if only my boss could reasd this). Phew. What a scrape.


chocstrawberry said...

OMG! Be careful hun at home and work, you really don't want this to blow up anywhere.

Blog On The Land said...

Had similar experience, where my wife saw someone logging into MSN. I managed to stop her or the little one's editing the contact.

I was really lucky in doing so, I would have been well and truly rumbled.

Anonymous said...

You can never, ever be too careful!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I got caught last year. I closed the computer without logging out of MSN. The next morning my wife turns on the computer to a chat window:
Mr DC? Mr DC? Where are you? My wife wasn't now I usually just partake at would be really funny if we had the same boss ;)

The Neglected Husband said...

LOL so funny!

In the days when Yahoo Chat had 'adult chatrooms' with webcams, there were a few times when I was nearly caught by Mrs NH with my trousers down - literally!

I now have an old 'play' PC with Linux I do all this stuff on in my home office now as Mrs NH and small NH are always at home anyway and the only place I get to look/post is while I'm supposed to be working and 'learning about Linux for work' ;-) Can't use the work PC or broadband either, the sites will generally be blocked and if they aren't I'd be on a formal warning...

At a minimum I'd recommend anyone in our postion to get a copy of the Portable Firefox web browser on a USB drive/memory pen/stick - that way you leave no traces on the home or work PC.

Better still get one of the Linux Live CDs like Puppy Linux or Ubuntu and boot your PCs from that - everything will run in memory and nothing gets stored on your computer's disk. Once you close down everything disappears forever...

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience, except my wife, who already had her suspicions, delved far deeper than your hubby did.

It was the beginning of a very unhappy time.