Friday, 21 August 2009

Rumpy, pumpy.

So James and I met last weekend. Relief flooded over me when I realised that he didn't have a box of my stuff with him. He's not going to leave. He just needs a little space.

Funny how, after you agree not to see someone for a while, you end up accidentally having a week of non-stop sexual shennaigans. Many an excuse was made. Seriously, two nights ago I swore I heard my foo-foo say 'Please stop'.

Despite this, I am back on IllicitEncounters this week. Not that I'm actually DOING anything. I'm just...dipping my toes in.

Stop tutting.

Also, have got completely re-engrossed with Heart and Bones, this superb drama that was aired in 2000 on the Beeb about a group of couples. Lots of infidelity, so good watching for IE members. The main storyline evoked a lot of empathy. Well, as much empathy as you can have for fictional characters.

It's all on YouTube. Here's the link. Some lovely lovely lady uploaded the whole thing...

...aaaaand Damian Lewis is in it. I love a buff ginger.

That sounds like a biscuit.


The world according to Gaz said...

You left out the details why your foo-foo would want to shout stop?

Happy said...

foo-foo? sweet x

My lover prefers almost ANY word to the C-word, I must try foo-foo on her...

ShellyA said...

Oooo. I quite like the c-word. When used in moderation.

And, Gaz, my foo-foo was shouting stop because she was tired. I've heard you've got to be nice to them now, or they will abandon you in later life.