Thursday, 13 August 2009

It's okay...It's alright...breath...

Y'know when you're not talking to someone you care about and every second you're not in contact feels like you're struggling to breath? No. Oh. Just me then.

Everything's okay. At least sort of okay. James texted me yesterday without prompting and apologised to me for being 'off'. I was going to reply, "Damn right you should apologise you bastard", but I feared that may agrivate the situation somewhat. He wants to see me this weekend (Hubby's away with some friends so I'm off the hook). Usually I would be panicking in anticipation of being dumped and preparing my "You can't leave me, we're meant for each other" speech, but he pre-empted my fears and has assured me it's nothing like that.

Unless he's only saying that to put me at ease, when he really is thinking of breaking up.

STUPID brain. Shutupshutupshutup.

Recipe for an Adulterous Married Woman
1 x pinch of dellusion
1 x teaspoon of guilt
1 x knob of husband
2 x tablespoons of schoolgirl ecstasy
3 x tablespoons of paranoia

Mix all ingredients. Leave husband aside (for basting). Cook slowly. Serve over-cooked.


The Temptress said...

Oh my how I can relate right now. I hope things work out.

Anonymous said...

Stay calm, stay cool, I can't believe he's going to dump you when he's said it's nothing like that.

MC said...

Good luck this weekend, Shelly. Am sending you positive vibes for things to turn out, and will be there in spirit with the ice cream/chocolate/vodka if they don't. Loved the recipe, btw.

(Amusingly, my word verification for this comment was "maneed")

yummy said...

Hope it all works out.

Am sure if you were going to be dumped it would be swift and heartless... men are wired that way.

Sounds more like he is caught up in emotion and unable to communicate it. Clearly cares about you.

Betty YM x

alistair said...

Of course, he may have been locked into his own struggles with the situation.
Not long ago he was declaring how you were the centre of his life (n'est pas?)...

... stand by not for a dumping but a proposition...

Anonymous said...

I like the recipe :) Everything will be fine


sunslover said...

You have said before i think that hes been like this and apologised saying its because he has his own issues at home ,im sure it will be fine.Good luck