Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tiptoe, tiptoe

Since 'The Big Panic', I have been extra-extra-cautious about things, and vow never to log onto IllicitEncounters from home again. Still temptation is there.

Last night I was lying in bed with hubby. I got up to go to the toilet, him sleeping deep beside me, and that nagging little thought came into my head. "He's far gone", it said "You can go and get your rocks off downstairs, it's safe."

No, little devil on my shoulder. Be quiet.

I am learning to control the voices. Well, voice. It is the same voice which tells me to buy a Burger King on the way home, when I know they're be a nice healthy stir fry waiting for me. It's the voice that, when I'm lying in bed with James, tells me to call in sick. "*Cough cough*...swine flu."

No. Bad Michelle. Control yourself.

It is so easy to be bad, and so hard to be good. So I guess the only way to survive is to be good at being bad. Or something like that. Cheater's logic. Gotta love it.


Sara Jones said...

Temptation is the fine wine to the boring meal of life, to be always anticipated, but succumbed to only occasionally.

ShellyA said...

That is some serious phrasing there Sarah. Very nicely put.

Happy said...

It was Oscar Wilde I believe who said 'I can resist everything but temptation' and of course then there was Sam Goldwyn's classic along the lines of 'Once you can fake sincerity you've got it made'.

Being 'good' at being 'bad' is an art form. Another quote - "I tell the truth because that way it's easier to remember", well, as a cheater it pays to have an excellent memory.

So.. remember to shut down MSN; remember the imagined ailments you've used to miss work; remember the excuses you've given at home to escape for time with a lover; and above all... remember whose name to call out as you climax!

sunslover said...

I think i have learnt by my husbands mistakes, ive become better at covering my tracks and coming up with plausable excuses that can be part backed up as reality. im enjoying getting the upper hand

Anonymous said...

Being a cheat involves a huge amiount of self control (but, hey, wasn't it a lack of self control that led to me chating in the first place?), an excellent memory, and an ability to tell as near the truth as possible so there is less to forget. Or something. And to be truthful (kind of), isn't there a thrill about avoiding getting caught?

yummy said...


Love your blog - MSN was a bit of a scare eh?

Just might wanna edit your name out hun. I also made that faux pas just before press picked my blog up.


B x

Geoff said...

A little tip you naughty girl. Use Google Chrome as your browser. It has an incognito window feature which means that you don't have to worry about any telltale browsing history etc.