Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Get off sodding page you nasty little scammers! No, I don't want any of your cheap viagra, for three reasons...

1) I try to avoid buying pharmaceuticals over the internet from companies which advertise by paying migrant workers 4 pence an hour to spam personal blogsites.
2) I try to avoid buying pharmaceuticals over the internet, full stop.
3) Despite the numerous letters to Father Christmas, I am still yet to own a penis.


In other news, I took the fantastic advice of the lovely Karen and tried to picture New Boy after a night out, dribbling kebab juice down himself with a semi. Needless to say, the image was certainly enough to deter me for at least a few days. I think soon I will need to start using more aggressive tactics to rid myself of my crush. Perhaps leaving my job...

...well I wanted to go anyway.

Hmmm. That might not actually be a bad idea. Maybe a change of pace will sort me out. Am going to have a flick through Gumtree to see what's available. Watch this space.


Serial Mistress said...

Glad to be of assistance hun, glad it worked, temporarily anyway, but the next process is imagining him licking his plate like the date I blogged about yesterday lol, that should kill it :)

As for your job? My god woman, if Father Christmas had given you the penis you always wanted there would be no issue of being underpaid, and most certainly no chance of it being by that much. Sodding outrageous!! Good luck with the job hunt, but at least in your current job you know who you fancy, could you imagine a whole new company full of hot men to drool over? lol


MC said...

But what we really want to know is .. . have you seen James?

Rosie said...

Yes, missy - fill us in please!