Monday, 23 November 2009


They say that you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at them.

Hm. That sounds a bit like a sweeping statement to me. In some cases yes. For example, you can pretty much guarantee that any man wearing an Italian suit and a Bluetooth headset will be an utter, utter wanker.

But normies like myself, we don't give too much away. Today, I am wearing a nice Primarni blouse and some high waisted Matalan trousers. Which, really, tells you nothing about me. Bar the fact that I am ever so slightly cheap.

No. That phrase doesn't ring too true for me. But I DO think you can tell quite a bit about someone by looking at their feet. I got to thinking this while watching the X Factor yesterday.

My husband's feet are so neglected it's almost funny. I say 'almost' because, when you've been sharing a bed with his eagle-like talons for nearly a decade, the hilarity fails to shine through. You just have to fight the over-whelming urge to attack his tootsies with a pair of garden sheers.

They are the feet of a man who has given up. Who no longer feels it necessary to take care of his extremities. His nails are flaky and curled at the edges. The soles of his feet long to be caressed by the pumice stone.

His are the feet of a man who has given up. Who believes he has no need real need to maintain his general appearance. After 8 years of marriage, why would one need to keep up such petty preening rituals? Why make an effort when you already know you have a wife who loves you, cleans for you, and will provide you with the occasional bit of How's-Your'Father? I'm sorted, they say, I don't have to try.

Mine are a different story. Short, painted nails. Smooth heels. A little bit of Johnson's Summer Skin to give them a bit of a glow. They are the feet of a woman who cares about her appearance. Who goes that extra mile. Who is making an effort - maybe not just for herself.

Mind you, my tootsies weren't always like this. A year ago, the paint would be peeling, the nails would be a little too long. The skin would be rougher. Back then, they were the feet of a woman who was tired of trying. Who genuinely wanted to make the effort, but after years of going unnoticed, was apathetic and uninspired.

...Hubby could learn a lot by looking at my feet. In fact, maybe he'd learn a little too much.


Anonymous said...

Feet? Yikes. Dare I look at my own feet? I guess so. It seems I have not given up.

Wow. What an excellent observation you made here though.

Sara Jones said...

sweetie, you MUST get him into crossdressing, he'll spend hours looking after his feet and hands, I know I do. It's impossible to have scruffy feet and wear slutty sandals!

XOXO Wifey said...

Oh Shelly Baby,

I so agree with you!!!!

My feet, mindset and damnit my whole outward demeanour was like your neglected tootsies until I kissed another man earlier this year and through that experience discovered that yes I could still get my game on and it wasn't me that had the issue in my marriage..

Then like you my whole being went (and to a certain extent still is) undergoing a transformation - I often wonder if my husband has noticed the weight loss, copious quantities of racy lingerie, new dresses and late nights out but to be honest I don't think he has as he's certainly not commented on any of it!

Incidentally when checking out men I always notice the follwing:
- Tie (silk with extra points for colour coordination with shirt)
- Cufflinks (shirts that button up are a no go!)
- Wallet (not really concerned about what's in it but good quality leather wins points!)
- Shoes (again it's gotta be good quality leather)

XOXO as always,


ianuk74 said...

Have you ever noticed men being attracted by your feet?

Honestly, you'd be suprised how many men will notice nicely manicured and soft feet.

husband said...

You've hit the nail on the head with this one, I fully agree. Janky feet = janky other parts. Ugh.

Love women's feet (not in a foot fetish kind of way), but a woman who takes care of her feet, like her hands, says a lot about who she is.

The Neglected Husband said...

I must admit I did got through a short phase when I neglected myself a bit a few years back, yes around the time that Mrs NH started her sex reduction program.

But since then I've at least kept myself clean and tidy - feet included! - and since Mrs NH's 'declaration of non-physical relationship' I've actually been going even further.

Isn't it odd though that even when it's blatantly obvious that you're doing this that our SOs don't seem to notice?

When I went to London a few weeks back Mrs NH didn't even notice that I'd worn my best suit, let alone my burgundy shoes, co-ordinated with tie and vintage paisley burgundy scarf... all classically elegant even if I have to say it myself.

Well she might not have noticed but Sue at work certainly did, and I'm sad to say that Sue noticing and being interested in what I'm wearing counts for more than if Mrs NH had noticed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you can tell a lot by the amount of care and personal grooming someone does. For example, two co-workers both parted with their partners/husbands earlier this year. After the first few weeks of trauma, they both changed the way they dress, and one even dyed her hair a totally different colour, while the other is losing weight fast (it's paid off - she has just met a new guy!) I am amazed my wife hasn't noticed the way I look after myself... Oh, btw, I love the summer because women's feet reappear in sandals after being hidden away in boots and shoes for winter, along with painted nails, etc. I am not a foot fetishist, but I do find women's feet amazingly sexy when exposed at work or in the street :)