Monday, 5 October 2009

A non-distress call

Hello ladies and gents of the web (of lies and deceit).

I have just received an email from Rosie, at, asking if I might like to take part as an anonymous case study in an up-and-coming TV show about the site and all it's mucky, mucky members.

Anyway - I said I would pass said request out to cyberspace. Because I'm nice like that. If you're a married lady (or, indeed, a mistress) who would be happy to talk anonymously, silhouetted on camera, about your experiences of being a play-away Paula, then drop Rosie an email at

Look at me. I am SO their bitch.

Seriously though. It should be fun, and I'd quite like a chance to meet some fellow adulteresses for a drink and a giggle.

Chow chow (I think that's a dog),

M xxx


Anonymous said...

I am interested but it does sound risky. Consider that even if the interview is censored the camera crew and a whole bunch of people will see the interviewee. Are you going to do it? It does sound like fun though.


Wifey XOXO said...
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Wifey XOXO said...

Hi sorry about deleting my comment - still getting used to the whole blogging thing!

I am also tempted but have the same worried as Amy

I have just started my blog - please check it out: