Friday, 8 May 2009

Worn out.

The last week has been a bit mad.

Since my little moment with New Boy on Monday, it feels as if I have been tossed between lovers like an catamaran in a tsunami.

Told Hubby that I was going for drinks with Janine from work (my terrified colleague has become quite the little albi), and snuck off for a few stolen hour with James. Decided it was best not to tell him about shagging Andrew, as that might paint me as a bit of a hussy. I obviously am a hussy, but forgive me for not wanting to look like one.

2 hours of slap and tickle later, I'm back, squeaky clean from the shower and in bed, when Hubby rolls over (a rarity).

"Call in sick tomorrow" he says.
"Why?" I say.
"Just do" he says.

So, at 7 in the morning I call in saying I'm feeling fluey and need to stay at home. Swine flu pandemic means they can't really say anything (handy). At 9.30, Hubby wakes me up with full English breakfast and a bunch of flowers.

"Thought you might need a pick-me-up. Eat that, then get ready. And wear something you can walk in" he says.

Where has this man been all my life!? I think Hubby must have put my tiredness down to over-working (which is sort of accurate). Anyway, he took me to the zoo! It was a bit of a dull day, but we had lots of fun. Particularly amusing was the llamas mating. I imagine that's what it looks like when two supermodels have sex- all jutting limbs and awkward thrusting. Hilarious.

At home, he prepared a meal (again, a serious rarity) of steak and tatties. Yum. And then (shock horror) dragged me off to bed for some exhausting love-making.

Maybe he can tell that there's competition afoot, but this was truly the most romantic, passionate day I have ever spent with him. Crazy. I woke up this morning hung over but happy, and trudged into work looking like a bit of a skank. I have a feeling this is going to become a regularity.

As I type, Andrew is peering at me over his laptop. Swoon.


MC said...

And doesn't it all make you feel alive, and like the beautiful sexy woman you are? And isn't that what drove you to IE in the first place? I say well done.

Serial Mistress said...

Keep up the juggling girl :)

And have a great weekend xxx

Blog On The Land said...

Talk about having your cake and eating it. Gerrin girl. As for Andrew, he clearly wants another shag, but he's not going to ask you unless he's really bold, and I suspect he doesn't knwo what your reaction will be. You'll have to engineer a shag if you want it.

A very powerful position to be in.

As for hubby, well done to him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't it strange that just when you think your spouse has completely lost interest in you, suddenly he/she becomes romantic and passionate? It happened to me last weekend and I put it down to the spring air and the swallows arriving back from Africa...