Thursday, 2 December 2010

Radio Ga Ga

So...I was on BBC5live this morning, talking about my extramarital relationship, and I wasn't expecting to be put on the spot - stupidly I guessed that the presenters would find my online confessional to be 'just a bit of fun'.

To me, however, it was obvious that the female presenter, Shelagh, had serious preconceived ideas about my situation, and was barely able to conceal her contempt. She also exercised no empathy to try and understand why I, and thousands of women like me, might need a platform like BWC, rather suggesting that I simply didn't have any friends. She insinuated, sniped and tutted her way through the conversation as if I was an idiot harpie who simply need to have a friendly chat with Hubby.

Thankfully, Nicky Campbell was a bit more professional, and refreshingly up front. Why is it always the women who have such a huge problem with me? Anyway - I'm on 1.26 in...have a listen for yourselves and see what you think!



albert said...

Sadly I missed this but it sounds an entertaining exchange!

La Shameless said...

I totally get it. I tried to talk with one of my good friends about my situation, how I was feeling attracted to other men and wanting to have an affair and out of nowhere she became some conservative Martha Stewart type. Needless to say I never talked with her about it again. It's sad that we can't confide in our own friends.

matt said...

sad that you cant confide in your own husbands or boyfriends. Degenerates.

Break up with them ffs. They love the illusion of you, but they would f'ing hate the real you. but you probably dont care about what they think anyway.

I'm pretty sure all of this is just a turn on for most of you. the reason guys seem fine with this is because the idea turns them on.

I cant wait for the day that your husband finds out about this website and realizes that its you. How would you feel if your husband commited suicide with that knowledge? Would you be fine with your husband leaving you because of it? Most men would probably never trust again... you're all scum. You're the people who shit in a river up stream from a town, just because you like the location. Must be okay to destroy the lives of generations of people for the sake of a completely unimaginative, uncreative, and lack of resourceful life solutions.

matt said...

im so damn drunk right now, not sure if any of that made sense... shady logic is probably the norm for many of you anyway. I be hatin.

Unknown said...

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