Monday, 25 October 2010

I love

this kind of weather. Really crisp and cold and not a cloud in the sky. My boss informs me that tomorrow it will be pissing it down. What a killjoy.

The Doctor has been somewhat out of touch...even though I know his night shifts have ended. Don't want to machine-gun text as I know desperation isn't exactly sexy. And it's not as if he doesn't reply when I do contact him. He just doesn't initiate. I feel like, if I didn't poke him, he'd never poke me.

Anyway, rather than biting the rest of my nails off (read: I have already done this), I am getting my head down applying for new jobs. I need a change. This office is a reminder of how stale my life has gotten.

In other news, BWC got 19,000 hits last month. Woot!


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