Monday, 27 September 2010

The second wave...

I'm sure some of my long-term readers (hello there, guys!) may remember when I first started having my affair. The effect it had on my marital sex life was...bizzarre. Suddenly, after years of paying me about as much attention as one would a potted plant in student accomodation, he was all over me like an aggressive rash.

As things are picking up again with my secret life, my marriage is following suit. This morning, Hubby woke me up with breakfast in bed (it was 6.30am and I've got to admit I wasn't immediately thrilled...I just wanted to damage something), and then proceeded to initiate sex. INITIATE. I nearly passed out from shock. Nearly.

For context, Hubby and I have sex less than once every two months, and it is, without fail, me who makes the first move. This change of spots is both unnerving and very, very welcome. I've never stopped fancying him; though his charms are a little worn, he is still the man I fell in love all those years ago. Just with a bit more podge and a bit less hair.

His new found interest in my naughty bits couldn't be better timed; The Doctor is on a month of nights so can't see me at all for the next few weeks. I just pray that it lasts!


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sub hubby said...

Presumably, however sub consciously, you are emitting some horny vibe that he is picking up on....??