Monday, 6 July 2009

Chai Latte

is my new favourite beverage. Why had I not previosuly tried it? It is officially the best drink ever. Still, makes you feel a bit nauseous if you drink it too quickly.

I am hoping there is caffine in myy Latte, because, as usually, I am almost falling asleep at my desk. I'm impressed at how I have managed to not get sacked these past few months, after sexing my way to an almost perminant catatonic state. Probably best not to question these things.

James and I appear to be in our second flush. I think the key is to not see them very often. At the most once a week. Otherwise you end up spending as much time with them as you do with your hubby. And, apart from the glaringly obvious problem of raising too many questions, spending too much time together is probably the reason your hubby iritaes you so much in the first place. I did not decide to take a lover to become more irritable than I am now, IYKWIM.

New abreviation I'm trying out. Maybe a little clunky.

So things are good. We made nookie in the car last week. Started out awkward. Became very comfortable. :)


Anonymous said...

I agree about the once a week thing. If you meet more often, it does become routine and the conversation potentially irritating and boring. The irregular, the "will we - won't we meet this week" and the even more piquante "will we - won't we have sex this week" all helps to make the heart grow fonder, and makes the time together more precious.

MC said...

Chai Lattes are excellent if you find one that's not too sweet. I find many of them have too much sugar for me.

As for the frequency issue, personally I've found that what I am looking for in an affair is the kind of relationships I had pre-marriage, as a single in NYC. Where you talk about all kinds of things and nothing, but almost never about the day to day details. I find that's what kills relationships, esp the erotic ones. Talk to me about movies, books, nature, food, sports, travel, the news, sex, fine. But bring up things like the weather, the kids, the dry cleaning, DIY home projects, etc, well, I have people in my life that I talk to about those things. I always wonder at the men who, in first chatting me up on IE, ask about my weekend. I mean, I spent it with the partner and kids, obviously! Not exactly the stuff of passion . . .

Anonymous said...

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