Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Radio Michelle

I was on the radio. 32 minutes in. Listening back I'm not too sure how well I cam across. It was actually rather nerve-wracking.

Oh, and half way you can here my phone going off. lol.


Serial Mistress said...

You did fine hun, I just caught the interview and you did well. It annoys me that these people can't see the reasoning behind the site, its not rocket science, but at least she was polite to you and not as brutal as some have been with me. You did a great job, and so did Rosie, and you came across as a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and who doesn't want to wreck a perfectly good relationship. I made a point in one of my interviews that we wouldn't throw away a gorgeous pair of shoes just because there was one tiny mark on them. Sometimes one tiny thing doesn't mean the whole is to be trashed. Anyway, you did well, and it was lovely to hear your voice. Far posher than I imagined but lovely all the same :) Well done xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Shelly, you did well. Media interviews are difficult to handle, and you have to remember that the interviewer does this every day, whereas you (the interviewee) only do it occasionally, so the interviewer has the advantage. Also, the interviewer on a radio show is probably going to try to express the point of view of the average listener (staid, boring, News of the World reader LOL, no exciting life of their own) so in a way you're on to a hiding to nothing. I think you put your points across well and you didn't let her fluster you. Well done!