Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Curbing my enthusiasm...

The mother-in-law came round. When I see her I can never shake the fact from my mind that she is almost spherical in shape. I often wonder what would happen if I accidentally tripped her up, s she fell on her arse. Would she roll around like a confused Weebl?

The insults are justified. Christine is awful. She thinks I am no good for her son. She thinks I look too old for my age. She is right on both accounts, but that is not the point.

We had a painful dinner, full of forced conversations and allusions to the weather. She has clearly been speaking to Geoff, her new husband, about me. They were sharing knowing glances with each other whenever I talked about anything I was genuinely interested in. I think Christine comes from a family where women with passion are suspect.

Things are a little better with Hubby. Saw James again yesterday. No kisses as yet, but I wait with baited breath.

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morgs456 said...

too old for your age?