Monday, 15 December 2008

The butterflies...

So, after deliberating long and hard about joining the extra-marital dating site, I decided to put both feet in and go for it.

As soon as I joined I had hundreds of messages. It was quite overwhelming. I have a password on my photograph, so I thought it smacked of desperation that these men had only read a few paragraphs about me and were already snapping at my heels.

I was surprised that the majority of them were very eloquent and polite - not nearly the sort of come-over-to-my-place-and-I'll-have-you-over-the-mantelpiece-darlin kind of response I expected. One man shined out though. His name is James, he's 40. We have been emailing each other (I set up a separate account - want to minimize any risk of getting caught out). I await his next reply.

I guess I am a little giddy with that first flush feeling you get when you meet someone new. When my Gmail lights up with that promising (1), my stomach turns. It has been such a long time.

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