Monday, 17 January 2011

Taking a break

I just got some time away from work to read the responses of a few regular readers, and am just letting you know I'm taking a little break from the blog. I'm finding it a bit tough to read lot of stuff saying I'm lying about who I am, and have changed. Like I said in my previous post, I realise the original post I wrote was a bit harsh, and I thought I'd responding to your queries as best I could. Sadly, this is obviously not the case, so I'm going to take some time out.



Dave said...

I doubt my views on infidelity will change.Those views come from my own personal standards and beliefs.But that does not mean I should not be constantly questioning those things about myself.So if it's any consolation reading your blog and similar ones is helping me do that and it's also helping me question if I am working hard enough to see things from the other side even if I don't agree.
Anyway hope you are back soon and that we will be able to challenge each other ( in a healthy and respectful way ofcourse) in the future

Agnes said...

It is unfortunate that you feel you need to take a break, but do what is best for you. I too have felt that way after a few harsh comments, but thanks to fellow bloggers, they encouraged me to carry on! The blogland is our outlet and we have to remember not everyone will agree or disagree with what we have to say or do. We are not looking for any affirmation, we are just sharing our lives and time looking to gain some perspective etc. Another word of advice I received was to block certain people who comment and cause us angst! (you either block or preview or something, I am not fully up on all the blog techie stuff).

I hope you reconsider...or at least take a wee break, not a long one.

TWE said...

I usually read your blog and enjoy it. I'm sorry that you seem to have been driven off from your blog because of people's comments.

I hope you come back someday soon. Your blog, your world, your comments. You shouldn't be the one to go away as you're not forcing anyone to read your blog.

However, tough love my dear as despite some of the recent harsher comments, their sentiments are indeed true.

I too am on IE and I've been using the site for over 2 years. I'm not proud of myself but I've met 32 men and had sex with 9, that's a lot of men for someone who loves her husband.

It is very easy to lose all perspective, like I did on many occasion and become consumed by the whole IE double life. It is totatally the wrong thing to do and remain happily married. I am better controlled and balanced.

Appearing on TV and radio is a no no when you're planning to stay married but it is easy enough to get carried away as you did. I would imagine it is even worse for you with your new IE pals. Unless you are financially involved with IE (and I assume you are an affliate through earning money from people joining then through your sites). However, it is their full time money spinning business and your life.

Please do come back someday soon and I hope you take the break to re-think what you really want from your life and your marriage.

No one is saying that your reasons for having an affair are not understable, however, doesn't mean that affairs should be so easily acceptable as to be the advocate for it on TV and radio. It should be discreet and private, OK as private as an anonymous blog can be.

Take care, good luck and come back soon.

Nethan Vidya said...

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theliberator12 said...

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Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog :)

Unknown said...

I've just discovered your blog after a difficult breakup with my long time lover. It was much the way you and James seemed to be. I'm married, he's married, he's got four little ones. Conventionally it sounds awful, but we were in love.

It was only a few days ago he decided he wasn't able to continue on as baby #4 has just arrived. Neither of us have any intention of leaving our spouses, and I knew that this was where things would end, but that doesn't make the pain any more bareable.

I read the entire blog in 2 days and it has really helped me to gain some perspective and realize that I am not in as hopeless and lonely a situation as it first seemed.

So in closing, thank you for your inadvertent help. I fear I would have drown in my uncontrollable urge to text him without your blog to distract me. Thank you.

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Sam said...

Dear Michelle,

I don't know if you are still reading the comments here from time to time. I came across your blog by googeling 'cheating blog', and it was exactly what I was looking for - yesterday. I spent the whole night reading almost all of your entries, and I want to thank you for opening my eyes. It helped me so much. I am in a comparable situation - I have been with my bf (or: fiancé) for four years. Our partnership isn't like it used to be anymore, I can't tell explicit reasons for it, it just doesn't feel right anymore. So what did I do? I had one affair. Tried to convince myself it was a one time thing, luckily did not fall in love with the guy. Cheated again. Complete failure, didn't mean anything-at-all. Tried to convince myself everything's gonna get better at some point between bf and myself. Didn't, obviously. Moved to a different country, thought everything was behind us - went to a party, met a guy who was actually very decent. Slept with him. Fell in love with him. Turned out to be an arse. Before I continue: Please do not take this as an advice for yourself. I know people are different, and deal differently with the same kind of stuff. You seem to be still (or seemed at the time of your last post) in love with your husband on some level, and in that concern your story is different from mine. Moreover, unlike other commenters here I see your husband in some responsibility for your problems as well, since imo he is not honest with himself neither - who does not want to have sex with their wife over years and still think he's completely into this marriage?! I just realized for myself, by thinking everything you write through, that I am not that kind of person. I cannot find happiness in complementing one bad thing with another. For two reasons: First, the guilt would eat me up; it would nag on me night and day, bc deep inside I'd always know that I am not living up to the moral standards I set for myself. It would destroy my life in that concern. Second: I would destroy my partner. As much as I am afraid of leaving him, losing all my material security, possibly losing my closest, dearest friend in the world, losing the one person who loves me unconditionally, as much as I am scared to make it in a foreign country all by myself: I need to find myself again. I need to be able to make it on my own, with all the desperation, false hopes, disappointments and lonely dinners that come with it, to be finally able to love myself for who I am again. Your openness, your sharing of all you went through helped me understanding the different options I have, and finally offered me what I have been looking for for a year now. Thank you so much for that.

Vince Stead said...

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Cody the Clydesdale said...

I'd really like an update. Are you guys still together? are you still seeing people on the side?

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