Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good vibrations

My phone just went off.

The doctor is coming to town this weekend with friends. He think he'll be able to get away Saturday evening for a drink...

..."and perhaps something more, if time permits."

What a tease! What a lark! It has been a considerable amount of time since I dabbled extramarital, and damnit, I think the hour in once again upon us. It is about 10 minutes past 5. That means I have about 3 hours (praise be to you, oh late-night shopping hours) to buy myself some new undies. I think I would feel bizzarre cavorting around in front of some new gent in underwear from a past tryst. A little sleazy, non? Oui.

Eeek eeek eeek! I am excited! My nether-regions are equally so. Sod this last pile of payslips; to Ann Summers', post haste!