Friday, 14 November 2008

Quatam of Adonis


Have just come back from cinema with Hubby. Saw latest Bond film and, Oh My Gosh, was it good. I mean - the film itself was rather dull and predictable, but why should I care when I have the fabulous Daniel Craig to ogle? Solidly. For over an hour and a half.

There was a distinct lack of embarrassingly tight swimming trunks, but I can let that go. I could tell Hubby was getting uncomfortable; every time there was a close-up of the said action hero he coughed and shifted in his seat. During a particularly slow moment, I carefully nestled some select bit of popcorn in his hair. We went and had dinner at Frankie and Benny's afterwards. He noticed during pudding and was not amused.

Last weekend I went shopping "for myself", and bought something that I thought I would have never bought. It is small and phallic, and, apparantly, will make me reel with ecstasy. Shelly is skeptical, but will give anything a try once. I have to hide it in my sports bag in the bottom of my cupboard.

Naughty girl!

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